Board of Directors

Name: Jim Pilcher
Position on board: Chairman
Occupation: Dentist, Retired
Why I serve on the SCHC board:I am serving because of a “return on investment”. I have invested over 30 years as a dentist in Grants Pass. My wife, son, and daughter and their families live here, and their futures are settled in Josephine County.
Serving on the SCHC board gives me the chance to give back to the community that has given me so much. Access to care, quality of treatment, and compassion need to exist and be improved. Anything that increases the quality of those living in the county benefits us all. The time and energy required is a small price to pay for making Siskiyou Community Health Center an important part of life in southern Oregon.

Name: Dennis Misner
Position on board: Vice Chairman
Occupation: Principal, North Valley High School
Why I serve on the SCHC board: I am serving on the board because the access to quality and affordable health care is a significant community need in Josephine County. Because of my experience in working with adolescents for the past 25 years in local high schools, I see that medical and dental care makes it possible for many of our young people to remove hurdles to their education so they have a better chance of becoming successful and well-adjusted adults who are able to make their own way in life.

Name: Andreas Goldner
Position on board: Treasurer
Occupation: Retired former Associate Dean, University of Arizona College of Medicine
Why I serve on the SCHC board: Provision of quality health care for all has been my passion for many years. Siskiyou provides me with the opportunity to continue my passion.

Name: Deelia Warner
Position on board: Secretary
Occupation: Vice President and Relationship Manager for Southern Oregon Business Banking, US Bank
Why I serve on the SCHC board: As a patient since 1984, I am proud to have ‘grown up’ with the clinic, and to have known so many wonderful providers and support staff over the years; I truly value those relationships. I remember the days when folks could answer the phone or do other simple tasks for the staff as payment for services provided; it was a way for everyone to contribute and keep the doors open, while maintaining their personal pride in being able to pay their bills. That’s always resonated with me; even though I’ve been fortunate to have private insurance and could have gone anywhere for medical services, it was this feeling of community that was more important to me, and still is. Not only have I learned so much about how Siskiyou has been able to grow and serve our community as its grown, I’ve learned so much about the health care system and how great the need is for affordable and sustainable care, especially for our most vulnerable and under-served neighbors.

Name: Maggie Rollins
Position on board: Board Member
Occupation: Director of Operations, Oregon Health Management Services
Why I serve on the SCHC board: I have worked in the medical community of Josephine County for 30 years. During that time I have seen Siskiyou Community Health Center grow and evolve into a dynamic provider of “whole person” care. The future of health care will be challenging. I believe Siskiyou Community Health Center is up to that challenge. I feel fortunate to be a part of the team.

Name: Derrick Kleiner
Position on board: Board Member
Occupation: Certified Prosthetist Orthotist, Spectrum Prosthetics & Orthotics
Why I serve on the SCHC board: I am an Orthotist Prosthetist located in Grants Pass, Oregon. As a member of the medical community, I want to improve our local healthcare. Siskiyou Community Healthcare Center is a premier provider in Josephine County. Membership on its board allows me to be involved in this multi-faceted organization and directly impact the implementation and improvement of affordable and quality care offered in our community.

Name: Richard Cohen, MD
Position on board: Board Member
Occupation: Retired MD, President and founding board member of KidZone Community Foundation
Why I serve on the SCHC board: It is important to me to be involved positively with my community. I have always tried to be a part of the “medical community”, both as a practicing physician from 1977 through 2007 and as an active member of the medical staffs of our local hospital(s) through the years, the Josephine County Medical Society, and the Oregon Medical Association House of Delegates. I served on the Asante system governing board from 1996 to 2005. During the first 30 years spent in Grants Pass, I focused primarily on my patients. As a Siskiyou Community Health Center board member, my focus is on the process of health care delivery to the community.

Name: George Wilson
Position on board: Board Member
Occupation: Perioperative; endoscopy and PACU Nurse
Why I serve on the SCHC board: The decision to serve on the SCHC board has provided the opportunity to be personally involved in the local communities’ access to quality healthcare. Not only do I serve on the board, but I am also a consumer and active user of the services at Siskiyou. Being part of the healthcare community where I serve as a nurse, I see daily the importance of vital immunizations and timely health screenings, followed by a healthy lifestyle. Eliminating many of the chronic diseases facing society today begins with regular and quality access to services designed to make healthy living a way of life. Affordability should not be a deterrent to quality healthcare. As new healthcare laws are ushered in and implemented at the local, state and federal level, being actively involved in the implementation and adherence interests me greatly.

Name: Warren Kendall, MD
Position on board: Board Member
Occupation: Retired from Healthcare
Why I serve on the SCHC board: My medical experience in Southern Oregon began in 1975, about the same time that Siskiyou Community Health Center became operational. Through the years, I have remained impressed with the dedication and commitment of doctors, nurses, mid-level professionals and staff with whom I worked in support of SCHC’s orthopedic clients. When offered the opportunity to serve on this Board, I knew the level of responsibility involved and felt that as my clinical years were behind me, an opportunity to continue Community service through participation in SCHC governance could not be passed up. Board involvement offers me an ongoing role in providing state of the art medical care to those who can least afford it. It is my privilege to serve.

Name: Denise Terrell
Position on board: Board Member
Occupation: Retired from Josephine County Public Health
Why I serve on the SCHC board: I have been associated with Siskiyou Community Health Center since the early years in Takilma, and originally became a member of the Board of Directors soon after Siskiyou Community Health Center (SCHC)) became a Federally Qualified Health Center. Through my history with SCHC and 30 years of employment with Josephine County Public Health, I have watched SCHC become an important part of Josephine County’s health care community. As a member of the Board of Directors, I look forward to being involved in the continued provision of the many services that SCHC offers to meet the many health care needs of our community.

Name: Brian Sachs
Position on board: Board Member
Occupation: Certified Financial Planner and Regional Leader/Principal
Why I serve on the SCHC board: I grew up in a small community where healthcare access was limited. With just one clinic and no hospital, people struggled to obtain and afford quality healthcare. Therefore, many went without including our family. Serving on the board of SCHC gives me the opportunity to help provide what wasn’t available to me as a child. More than ever, available, affordable and quality health care has become difficult to find in our community. This type of access to healthcare leads to healthier individuals, children and families. When the community is healthier as a result of SCHC, we all benefit. Most of all, we remove one barrier to reaching our highest potential.