Employee Recognition


Employee Appreciation Week

Employee Appreciation Week is a designated week to give back to employees for their hard work. This event is put on by the management team. Events have included barbeques, week-long BINGO, golf putting contests, taco bar, surprise giveaways, popcorn day, massages and flowers. The goal of Employee Appreciation Week is to make every employee feel appreciated equally.

TLC Committee

Siskiyou’s  TLC Committee brings fun to the workplace and strives to make everyone’s jobs a little more joyful. TLC offers many opportunities to get involved in activities like our annual picnic, barbeques, potlucks, secret pals, cookie exchanges, and various other events that go on throughout the year. TLC also does a variety of giveaways and encourages staff to submit fun ideas. TLC’s mission is to help everyone at Siskiyou have a better day!

Move It and Lose It – Get Fit Challenge

Siskiyou’s Get Fit Challenge is a 10 week contest that all employees can participate in. It’s a program that encourages employees to live healthy lifestyles. Employees can compete in categories such as pedometer steps, workout logs, weight and measurement loss. There are healthy recipes, tips and exercises emailed, weekly giveaways, and lots of support and encouragement from coworkers.