Dental Prevention Program

Kids Smile Dental Prevention Program

The “Kids Smile” Dental Prevention Program offers your child the opportunity to receive dental preventive treatments at little or no cost to you through their school.  The “Kids Smile” program will provide a visual dental health screening and may apply preventive fluoride varnish and/or sealants to teeth when appropriate. These practices reduce tooth decay and help your child develop good dental health habits. A report or referral of findings and treatment will be sent home after each visit. The visual screening is not a diagnosis or a treatment plan and serious oral health problems may be overlooked.  If you have concerns or your child is experiencing dental pain, you will need to make an appointment with a dentist for a comprehensive examination.

Dental health education and preventive treatments are important!  The Oregon Smile Survey 2007 found that nearly 2 out of every 3 children, age 9 or younger already had a cavity, and more than half of those children had untreated decay.  Dental disease, if left untreated, can cause pain, infection, loss of teeth, and can lead to chronic health problems later in life.

The dental screening and education is open to ALL children regardless of income or insurance status.  The services offered through “Kids Smile” normally cost between $55.00 and $200.00, but are available at little or no cost to you through this program.  If you would like your child to receive these services, please contact your child’s school.

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